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Mobile Call Outs Information at Newbold TyresWhat is a retreaded tyre?

Mobile Call Outs: if you have old tyres which are not sound should never be used as components for retread tyres. The essential building block for a retreaded tyre is a used tyre whose tread is worn-out but whose carcass (basic structure) is sound. Retreading involves stripping away both the remaining tread and sidewall of the used tyre. The final part of the process moulds new rubber to the old carcass.

What standards govern the production of retreaded tyres?

In the past, retread tyres have been manufactured in accordance with BS AU 44e. However, this standard did not specify a type approval test for retreaded tyres, which would guarantee a standard tyre quality.

On 1st January in 2004, ECE Regulations 108 and 109 came into effect, making it mandatory for retreaded tyres to be subject to a type approval test. This ensures that retread manufacturers must meet a specified basic standard in terms of the tyres’ suitability for retreading prior to the process, and their performance after it. It is now illegal to sell retreaded tyres that that do not have the “e” mark.

Are there any problems with retreaded tyres?

In the majority of cases, retreaded tyres perform satisfactorily provided the manufacturer’s guidance about maximum vehicle loadings and maximum speeds is followed. Like all tyres; overloading, sustained high speeds, and under or over-inflation all contribute to increased tyre wear and/or premature failure.

Never buy a retreaded tyre without the “e” mark

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